Fees include administration, planning and preparation time. Travel is also included within a 15 mile radius of Ewell, Surrey. Payment is via bank transfer, cash or cheque and must be received no more than 48 hours after the session. I am recognised by AXA PPP health insurance and am happy to look into registering with other health insurance companies on request. 


Standard Assessment  £140

This generally takes 1½  to 2 hours. It will involve gaining information from you and assessment of your child. All areas of your child's speech, language and communication skills are covered. The cost includes a written report which details your child's current strengths and needs and includes activities and strategies to support their communication skills. 


Therapy Session   £65 (60 minutes)   

A one hour session is appropriate for the majority of children. Therapy for children with language delay and stammering often includes structured play sessions and video feedback.  This requires an hour to deliver effectively. Therapy for children with speech (pronunciation) difficulties involves the child practising speech sounds through games and activities and setting/reviewing homework activities. There are some children for whom a 60 minute session is too long and for these children shorter sessions can be offered at e.g. £55 for 45 minute sessions.    

Therapy Block  £360 (6 x 60 minutes) 

I offer a small discount when you book and pay in advance for a block of 6 therapy sessions. If you need to cancel a session due to illness, this will be rearranged at no extra cost. Money will be reimbursed if the full set of sessions is not required.

Review Sesssion  £90

This is a 60-90 minute session where we review your child’s progress and plan next steps. A short written report is provided. 

Nursery Visit  £80

This is a 1 hour visit to your child's nursery. It involves observation of your child's communication in the nursery environment. The price also includes advice to nursery staff on how to promote your child's speech and language skills and modelling of therapy techniques. A written programme of targets and exercises will  be provided.