How it works...

1. Initial Phone Consultation 

Call me on 07973280937 or request a callback. Together we will discuss your concerns regarding your child's communication skills and any questions you have regarding my service. If appropriate we can then book an assessment which will take place at your home. I currently work on a part-time basis, 9-11 Mon-Wed, alternating Thursdays and Fridays and full day Saturday. 

2. Assessment

The aim of the assessment is to find out whether your child's speech language and communication skills are appropriate for his/her age and, if they are not, what help is required. Many children of this age are not keen to  talk with unfamiliar adults. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to break the ice but I also will gain lots of information from you to inform my assessment. I will let you know the results of the assessment  at the time and will write a summary report. This will detail your child's communication strengths and needs and suggest activities which will help their communication. If their skills are below what is appropriate for their age I will make recommendations regarding the type and frequency of therapy which will most effectively help them.  



I am trained and experienced in providing evidence-based therapy. To your child it should simply seem like I am a friendly lady who comes around to play games with them. The exact nature of the therapy will depend on your child's needs - see the speechlanguage and stammering pages for more details on this. To make the most of your therapy sessions is essential that an adult who will be able to replicate the activities during the week is present during the sessions.  I am happy to provide some or all therapy sessions in nurseries/preschools. The frequency of sessions (weekly, fortnightly etc.) will be agreed jointly- I will make suggestions based on what will be most effective but this can be adjusted to fit around your lifestyle and commitments.